TV DEBATE TIME: Archibald, Briley squaring off for Abilene mayor

ABILENE, Texas - Next month, Abilenians head to the polls to vote for mayor.

Later this week, KTXS and McMurry University will host a debate with the two candidates in the May 10 election – incumbent Norm Archibald and challenger Robert Briley.

A week ago, Briley appeared on radio station KWKC's "The Professors" program with Paul Fabrizio and Kenneth Pybus.

Yesterday, Archibald appeared.

Archibald, who has been in office for 10 years, said water is his No. 1 priority and that keeping Dyess Air Force Base safe from closure is a close second.

"I want to continue what we need to do to keep Dyess strong and make Dyess a big part of the Abilene economy, as it's the No. 1 employer, it's one of the largest economic drivers in our community," Archibald said.

According to Archibald, "We have had a great run on some job creation lately that I want to continue and success breeds success when it comes to people seeing your community and what it does."

Meanwhile, the Abilene mayoral debate is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Thursday. It will air live on KTXS. The broadcast will be commercial free.

Viewers are asked to submit questions for the two candidates – to potentially be asked – by logging into our KTXS page on Facebook.


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