Two convention-style hotels may be headed to downtown Abilene area

Eco Hotel Chain in talks for Downtown Abilene Hotel

ABILENE, Texas - Not one, but two convention-style hotels could be headed to the downtown Abilene area.

Earlier in the year, we reported one of Mayor Norm Archibald's wish-list items for Abilene is a new downtown hotel.

While reaching out for an update on the hotel's progress, we learned there's actually two locations in the area that may soon become hotels, with one being located at the corner of Ambler and Treadaway. 

In January, Archibald said he wanted to demolish the old Greyhound bus station and build a convention-style hotel near the Civic Center.

We found out that plan is still in the works, with bids being extended to Nov. 11.

On the flip side, a hotel company, Adoba, previously thought to have its eye on that downtown spot is actually looking to build near the corner of Ambler and Treadaway.

Adoba confirmed they're very optimistic about building in Abilene and are in the early design phase.

The Executive Director of the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau Nanci Liles said this is a good move.

"We do lose significant business because we are very limited to the size of conventions we can host," Liles said. "It would be great for the Abilene economy. It would be great to have a first-class convention hotel and people want convenience," she said.

The rep from Adoba said they look forward to presenting the architectural renderings and design to the city in the next 30 to 45 business days.

Here are the facts on that Adoba hotel that could be built near Hendrick:

A rep said it will be upscale enough to host weddings and other special events.

It will have an outside courtyard and bar.

It will use alternative methods of energy; it prides itself on being very "green."

It will feature four types of what the rep calls "eco-luxury suites."

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