TX-DOT and City of Abilene prepared for icy roads and winter weather

ABILENE, Texas - With snow quickly approaching the Big Country, the City of Abilene and Texas Department of Transportation will be working overtime to make sure the roads are safe. 

"Any kind of winter weather event can have significant impact on travel even if it's a fairly minor winter storm with just a little bit of precipitation. If the temperatures drop below freezing that is a concern," said Waldrip.

Thursday, crews loaded trucks and got equipment ready to de-ice.

"The de-icing materials we use are just basic road salt and some magnesium chloride and sometimes we'll mix those materials with sand to improve traction," Waldrip said. 

TX-DOT said they will start working on the most heavily traveled roadways first, which includes I-20. After that, they will move on to other roads, but even after they have cleared an area, they ask everyone to take extra precautions.

"Watch your speed, increase your following distance, use your headlights, turn off your cruise control, but I think the biggest decision of all is whether to even get out in the first place," said Waldrip.

TX-DOT is asking anyone who doesn't need to travel Thursday night or early Friday morning to avoid doing so. Drivers who brave the roadways should be especially careful when going over bridges or down shaded roads. Those areas freeze first and can be especially slick even after they are treated.

Check statewide conditions by calling 800-452-9292 or log onto drivetexas.org.

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