U.S. Rep. Neugebauer explains why he voted against federal spending plan

ABILENE, Texas - As U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer sees it, the bi-partisan federal government spending plan headed to President Obama is flawed.

That's why he said he was one of only 94 in the U.S. House to recently vote against the measure.

"Unfortunately we've got this spending and borrowing habit in Washington, and we've got to do something about it," Neugebauer said while stopping over at KTXS on Thursday.

The budget, which apparently has Obama's support, passed the Senate 64-36 on Wednesday and the House 332-94 last week. It guides government spending into 2015, reducing the likelihood of a shutdown – like the one that happened in October and resulted in widespread criticism of lawmakers.

According to Neugebauer, families in his congressional district have to "live within their means" and the federal government should do so as well.

The budget agreement, Neugebauer said, "fell short of accomplishing that and really, actually increased the deficit in the early years."  It continues the cycle, he said, of "more spending now with the promise of saving later."

"But the problem is we haven't been saving later and that's how we got $17 trillion in debt and climbing," Neugebauer said.

As crafted by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, the plan calls for reducing the deficit by more than $20 billion in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Neugebauer said he remains hopeful a conference committee can reach agreement on the Farm Bill and send it back to the House and Senate for concurrence soon. He also said he hopes President Obama's health care reform effort – known as Obamacare – will be halted and replaced with another plan.

"Some people want to fix it and I've gone on the record that I want to nix it," Neugebauer said.

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