United Supermarkets official: Expect few changes with Albertsons takeover

Shoppers comment on United Supermarket sale

ABILENE, Texas - For the last 97 years United has been owned by one family. Now, pending government approval that will change and United will be owned by Albertsons LLC.

People in Abilene are buzzing after hearing about the change.

"I like both of them I like them for different reasons and I'm hoping that united will keep the things that I like about them," said Debbie Duke who shops at both Albertsons and United.

"It's a grocery store, the prices will probably go up because Albertsons is higher than United on a lot of things," said Brenda Hendricks who says the change doesn't bother her.

"I'm a little concerned about it anytime somebody is eliminated from competition prices tend to go up," said Paul Kenley who said he shops at Albertsons.

A spokesman for United said there isn't anything to worry about.

"Part of the contract with Albertsons is essentially that we continue to operate as an independent entity," said Eddie Owens, Public Relations Director for United.

That means United will still be called United. So what is going to change?

"The only likely change that they could possibly see in the near term would be the opportunity to purchase different products," said Owens.  

Customers said there are things about United that they are afraid to lose.

"I love their produce I love their customer service, of course I like Albertsons too," said Duke.  

United officials said those things won't go away and according to the company, neither will their dedication to Texas.

"We are a Texas company and we will always be a Texas company and part of that means that we are going to buy Texan as much as we possibly can," said Owens.


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