Update: Abilene puppies, mom find new home

Abilene puppies and mom in need of rescue

ABILENE, Texas - A litter of pit bull puppies and their mother, who had been on the euthanization list at the Abilene Animal Shelter, have been rescued by an outside group.

The mother and her 10 puppies were supposed to be put down earlier this week but shelter volunteer Jennifer Hudgins convinced the city to grant an extension until Friday so she can find a legitimate non-profit to rescue them.

"I didn't want them to be out down before they ever had a chance to live," Hudgins said Thursday.

She worked with Animal Services Manager Aaron Vannoy to find a rescue group that can care for the three week old puppies who cannot yet be separated from their mother. They hit some roadblocks.

"The mixed breed that she is, she's not a desirable breed. A lot of times in areas there's not a lot of rescue groups specifically for those breeds and so it's very difficult to find the resources for this animal to finish out the nursing, wean those animals and then find 11 adopters for each one of those animals as well."

City residents were not eligible to adopt the large group because of zoning laws preventing them from owning more than four animals within Abilene city limits.

Hudgins took the puppies' story online to Facebook. Just one of her many posts about them had more than 2,000 shares Thursday. She said they also raised money to help whatever rescue group steps forward with travel and medical expenses.

"We've had people all over the country that have contacted me to try to see what we can do," Hudgins said.

Vannoy announced Friday the Young County Humane Society in Graham, Texas was approved to take the puppies and their mother. The shelter is currently working to  coordinate transport of the animals.

The Abilene Animal Shelter has taken in 14,257 animals, including wildlife, for the 2012 fiscal year-to-date. Of those animals, 8,884 were put down and 4,268 were considered healthy at the time.

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