UPDATE: Abilene's southside reporting wind, flooding damage

Multiple storm reports from the Mall of Abilene, Albertons, and Walmart on the far southside of Abilene tell the tale of some amazing winds moving through that part of Abilene.

Home Depot on Southwest Drive is remaining open until midnight if people need to get supplies.

A viewer sent pictures of damage at Albertsons.  Part of the roof has been ripped off.  Windows have been shattered.  Product inside of the store was blown over.  A viewer reported that the staff took them inside a freezer to wait out the storm as it blew through.

Another viewer reported a similar situation at Walmart on Southwest Drive.  When the storm warnings came in, employees took customers inside the freezer to wait it out.

At the Mall of Abilene, rain has flooded the area just outside of Best Buy when debris flew through the skylight and sent it crashing to the floor below.

More coming..

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