Volunteers help unload Mission Thanksgiving trucks

Mission Thanksgiving volunteers unloaded donated items.

ABILENE, TX - Volunteers worked hard Saturday morning to unload trucks filled with food and clothes collected from Mission Thanksgiving.

The donated items benefit Love and Care Ministries to help feed and clothe the homeless. People of all ages were there to help do the heavy lifting. One young girl felt personally affected by those in need.

"I just feel sad, because I have stuff and they don't," said Youth Volunteer Dominique Collins.

Collins wanted to help those less fortunate. She woke up early to volunteer with her church group. St. Vincent Pallotti Church Youth Leader Jennifer Hernandez was thankful she and so many other kids chipped in.

"It was surprising to me that they actually wanted to get up on Saturday morning at 8 o'clock to be here," said Hernandez. "We're very blessed that our kids do help out."

Without the volunteers, the Love and Care staff would have to unload all the trucks. That job that could take weeks. 
"I hope that it helps the people that truly need help and to know that God does provide for them," said Hernandez.

The food collected from Mission Thanksgiving feeds people need for five to six months. The clothes last for eight to ten months. The generous acts of donors and volunteers help make touch times easier for those struggling.

"Some of those homeless people, they literally live with nothing so even if they can get a meal for Thanksgiving or a meal for Christmas or clothes for the winter time that just..." said McMurry Baseball Player Deen Coleman. "The longevity of their life can be extended."

This year, Mission Thanksgiving raised over $150,000.

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