Website: Areas near North 9th and Grape streets in Abilene have most drug activity

APD identifies drug prone areas in city

ABILENE, Texas - Though Abilene is thought of as a safe place to live, the city faces prevalent drug activity like any other.

Abilene police use www.raidsonline.com to gather crime statistics. As of Tuesday, the website cited more than 500 drug-related offenses in Abilene since Jan. 1.

"A lot of people think that drug-related offenses are a victim-less crime and that's far from the truth," officer George Spindler said. "These gateway crimes and everything associated with drugs can lead to other crimes. Including property crimes and even violent crimes."

According to the site, the areas surrounding North 9th and Grape streets have the most drug activity.

"Our officers are very well aware and they've been provided with intelligent information from time to time about areas that are problematic to or community," Spindler said. "We have to go out there-it's part of the fight. We're doing that covertly and overtly."

Officers use surveillance, undercover tactics, legitimate traffic stops and informants to fight drug crimes in Abilene. They always have to prove probable cause.

Police are working with community leaders to revitalize the Holiday Hills neighborhood located in and around North 9th Street.  

If you suspect drug activity in your neighborhood, you can call in anonymous tips to Abilene Crime Stoppers at (325) 676-TIPS.

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