What to expect at Abilene and Wylie schools Friday after rumors of violence on social media

Security increased Friday at Abilene schools

ABILENE, Texas - Police reported earlier this week that there have been non-specific rumors about violence that would happen on Abilene campuses this Friday. 

Although police have said there is no real threat and that it's safe to go to school Friday, because of the rumors there will be an Abilene police officer at each Abilene and Wylie campus.

"Parents should expect to see law enforcement at every school in Abilene, Texas. We have about 34 sites covered with uniformed officers," said Abilene Assistant Police Chief Mike Perry.

Police said every Abilene and Wylie school campus will be safe and protecting the children will be their number one priority.

Abilene High School Principal Jennifer Raney said regardless of the rumors circulating the hallways, it will be business as usual tomorrow.

"We're going to have a day just like any other day. We're going to have school as usual," said Raney. 

Although some students said they won't be in class because of the threats.

"I've had some tell me that they're not going to come, but not a whole lot. So we'll see what our attendance is tomorrow," Raney said. 

Police said they will take care of security, but they are asking parents to continue to come forward with any new threatening rumors they hear from kids even after the school day ends on Friday.

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