What you feed to ducks might be worse than you thought

Bread not the best duck food

ABILENE, Texas - Most of us love going to Nelson Park to feed the birds, but what we are feeding them could be worse for them than we thought.

For Vonda Jackson feeding the birds is somewhat of a hobby.

"On the weekends when we drive through here we may just make a drive through here there's kids, kids love to feed the ducks, so we come during the week because we figure they're hungrier then, but we try to make more of an effort during the wintertime," said Jackson.

What does Jackson feed the ducks and geese?

"We just go to a day old bread place and get five or six loaves of bread which is cheap it doesn't take them long to go through it," said Jackson. 

According to Abilene Zoo Bird Supervisor Ryan King bread to ducks is the equivalent of potato chips to people. It's fine in moderation, but it shouldn't be their entire diet.

"Having bread as their sole diet is going to eventually may cause them problems it's not a proper permanent food source for them," said King. 

At the zoo visitors feed the birds duck pellets, but what can the rest of us give them?

"Some type of greens like romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, and things like that could be a better source," King said.

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