When temperatures fall, flu dangers rise

Flu facts: local cases growing

ABILENE, Texas - When it comes to the flu, weather can be a double whammy.

This year's flu season may be one for the record books with twice as many cases already reported compared to last season.

According to Dr. Zane Travis, Medical Director for the Taylor County Health District, says this season's symptoms are also more severe.

Dr. Stephen Jackson from Dr. J Express Care says that for him, "there's no question that cold weather brings respiratory illness and that includes the common colds as well as influenza".

The dangers continue, though, as that same cold weather drives people inside.

You spend more time indoors, likely with people who are carrying the flu virus.

"We expose each other," says Dr. Travis.

Most doctors agree, when it comes to prevention, the best thing is a flu shot.

If you've already started to exhibit symptoms, there are some things that may help.

Dr. Travis recommends the prescription drugs Tamiflu and Amantadine. These can be prescribed if you're running a fever, but only within 48 hours of your first flu symptoms.

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