Where are all the Bluebonnets?

ABILENE, Texas - A springtime drive typically involves Bluebonnets on the roadside, but this year is a different story.

Damon Waitt, senior botanist at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, explained why.

"We did have an extended winter which seems to have delayed things about a week" Waitt said.

2014 has been a very dry year, but this year's wildflower crop received a boost from last year's showers.

"The fall rainfall, which is always important, was at or slightly below average for the state and that's for the wildflowers to germinate," Waitt said.

If you can't wait for Bluebonnets to come to the Big Country, you can go to them.

Central Texas is seeing a surge in Bluebonnet blooms, especially around Bastrop, Austin and Elgin.

"There's still some really nice drives in Fredericksburg and that area," Waitt said.

With a little more time, though, along with some moisture, Bluebonnets will begin to sprout up closer to home.

To find some Bluebonnet blooms or to report wildflower sightings, visit http://www.wildflowerhaven.com/ or http://www.bluebonnetlove.com/.

You can also visit the Texas Department of Transportation's site for maps like this http://maps.dot.state.tx.us/flora/

Safety is also important when admiring our state flower.

If you're going to check them out on the roadside, stay on the shoulder and never cross a busy highway.

Also, don't dig up or destroy the flowers.

Finally, watch out for fire ants and rattlesnakes who make their homes in the Bluebonnet patches.

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