Why our latest temperature roller coaster could set records

ABILENE, Texas - Early spring in Texas means freezing weather is never far away.

Abilene's latest freeze occurred on April 17, 1947. If another cold front results in a freeze this spring, that record will be broken.

They say if you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait a bit. Last Wednesday, after several days of above average temps, the Big Country woke up to freezing weather.

Typically the last freeze for Abilene happens on March 22nd. Since that date this year, lows have fallen below 32 degrees four times.

The freezes have caught several West Texans off guard because the mesquite trees are greening up, a sure sign of springtime.

Another old wives' tale states that for every thunderstorm you see in February, there will be a cold spell in April. February of this year had two stormy days which means we could actually see another freeze this month.

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