Will AISD strategy get enough votes to pass the bond?

ABILENE, Texas - Just two months ago the Abilene School Board voted to put an $87.7 million school bond on the November ballot. Friday early voting came to a close and Election Day was just days away.

Abilene voters have shot down the last two bond elections, including one from 2009 costing $25 million. That's why AISD tried a different strategy this time.

A school bond does not usually drive a lot of people to the polls.

"The closer the election is to the people, where it will have the greatest effect on people, the less likely they are to participate. Local elections have the smallest turnout, but they have the most effect on our day-to-day life," said Dr. Paul Fabrizio, a political science professor at McMurry University. 

AISD officials hoped this year would be different.

"We as a district have tried our best to inform voters get out in front of groups as much as possible and then providing mobile locations that will just make it the most convenient boating experience for voters," said Phil Ashby, AISD director of communications.

Superintendent Dr. Heath Burns visited almost 90 locations to answer questions about the bond and mobile voting sites were set up at several AISD schools.

"So all the kids that turned 18 could go vote today right on their campus. That's just smart politics on behalf of the school board," Fabrizio said.

"We think we will approach about 1,500 that voted on those mobile locations," said Ashby. 

Did their strategy help?

"We'll see what happens next Tuesday," said Fabrizio.

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