Will this year's pecan crop be enough for all of those pecan pies?

This year's pecan crop: lots of pecans, not a lot of size

2012 was supposed to be a much better crop for pecans but one thing was standing in the way.

Scott Childress of Childress Farms in Cottonwood, Texas has 65 acres of pecan trees and was ready for a better year.

"This year is what they call in the industry an 'on-year'," Childress says.

Pecan trees exhibit something called alternate bearing which means one year the tree will produce very few pecans while the next  year, they grow in abundance.

This year should have been an abundant growing year for the crop, and it was.

The only problem? A lack of rain.

"If we would have had ample rain we would have had a high quality year for pecans but we didn't have that rain this year" he says.

While they expect to have four or five times the amount of pecans from 2011, they are small .

If your yard is being overrun with pecans, there is a way to cash in.

Several locations around Abilene, including Jackson Bros. Feed & Seed and Texas Metals & Recycling, Co., are currently buying in-shell pecans for $0.45/lb.

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