Wind gust reaches 76 mph in Hamby, 4 inches of rain reported in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - Two to four inches of rain fell on the Abilene area in a short amount of time Monday evening.

The storm moved from the northern Big Country and into Abilene shortly before 6 p.m.

Wind gusts were clocked at 69 mph at Abilene Regional Airport, 73 mph at KTXS Studio and 76 mph in Hamby.

Dozens of power lines and polls were blown down.

The storm hit at a bad time as many were heading home from work. Cars were stranded at intersections as people tried to get to their destinations.

Police and fire department workers responded to numerous calls for water rescues.

No reports yet of injuries.

There was damage in many parts of Abilene.

Inside Cullen Auditorium on the Abilene Christian University campus, for example, two class walls gave way from water pressure outside the building. At one time, there appeared to be at least two feet of muddy water inside the auditorium.

Also Monday, more than 21,500 AEP Texas customers lost power.

Crews worked across Abilene trying to restore power, but officials thought it would ultimately take hours to return service to those who had lost it.

Taylor Electric also reported power outages.

Meanwhile, Home Depot in Abilene was keeping its store open until midnight for those in need of supplies to help deal with the storm damage.

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