Winter storms boost business at auto body shops

Winter storms boost business at auto body shops

ABILENE, Texas - There are some businesses that always benefit when bad roads contribute to more accidents; one of them is auto body shops.

Barrett Collision Center owner Rocky Champion said his shop is booking appointments one and a half to two weeks out right now. Champion said the number of people bringing their cars in almost doubled after the last ice storm.

"When there's ice storms it was brings an increase in business," said Champion. "That's always a good thing for us, unfortunate for a lot of people."

Last time freezing rain covered the streets in Abilene, Champion said business started booming at his auto body shop.

"Our phone was busy was constantly ringing. People were constantly walking in. Not many lulls those few days," said Champion.  

People who brought their cars in had been involved in all different types of accidents.

"This time since there was so much ice and so many people on the road with everything from little fender benders to rollovers," Champion said.

If you are involved in an accident it might be a bit of a wait before you can get your car in for repairs. And depending on the repairs needed that could mean another long wait.

"It hasn't slowed down since the ice kind of gave us a boost. We're busy already, we always are, but it gave us a boost and it hasn't slowed down yet," said Champion.

Champion said most of their customers came in a few days after the storms when black ice was on the roads.

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