Witness account of the Abilene Gold Exchange shooting seems to contradict police information

Accounts differ over what happened in the Abilene Gold Exchange shooting

ABILENE, Texas - On Friday, a witness shared what he saw Thursday as police entered Abilene Gold Exchange.

Bill Adams has worked next door to the Gold Exchange location for eight years and told KTXS news he saw the entire scene unfold.

Adams said he's surprised at how police executed their search warrant Friday. His account of what happened is dramatically different than what police said.

"I couldn't see any markings on the the vest," Adams said. "I saw gun holsters guns coming out," Adams said.

"I couldn't see any markings on the the vest, right away saw gun holsters guns coming out," Adams said. "They went in the door in a rush and I expected to hear police, search warrant or freeze." "[then]All I heard was pop pop," Adams continued.

His account seems to contradict what police said in their affidavit outlining events.

They said detectives entered through the front door, and identified themselves as police to Charles Camp, and that he followed orders.

The affidavit says detectives then went to the back of the building to see if anyone else was inside.

Detectives say that's when Marcus Cass confronted them and ignored their commands. The affidavit says Cass pulled his gun from his holster and pointed it at them.

That's when a police detective shot and killed Cass.

Adams said he's struggling to connect the dots. "I don't understand why they would enter a place of business like that in that type of a confrontational manner," Adams said.

KTXS has learned there is security camera video from inside and outside Abilene Gold Exchange. KTXS News requested the video, but police have not responded to our request.

The owner of the tape also declined to provide it to us.

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