Woman killed by SUV in Abilene was homeless but happy

Remembering Barbara Hackett, the homeless woman killed while crossing an Abilene street

ABILENE, Texas - Barbara Anne Hackett was walking along South 1st when she was struck and killed by an out-of-control SUV Wednesday morning.

Hackett, 76, was homeless at the time, but touched many lives along the way, including her friends at Love and Care Ministries.

"She's not a homeless person to us," said Mark Hewitt, founder of Love and Care Ministries. "She's not someone who was poor. She's our friend and it hurts everyone here that she's gone."

Hewitt said Hackett was mostly seen walking along the streets of Abilene with a cane and cap on, but he said most people didn't know the woman very well.

Carolyn Hewitt said an insight into her life could found in letters she left behind:

"One of them I noticed was about her mom and dad and her grandmother," she said. "She's from New York. Her grandmother passed away, then her dad, then her mom, and she had no place to go because she was the only child.

"Apparently she didn't have any other family from what I could see or hear and she's wandered around to different states and ended up in Texas."

Love and Care Ministries and United Methodist Church in Abilene said they are going to have a memorial service for Hackett. The date has not been determined yet.


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