Women at Abilene Christian University Empower One Another

ABILENE, TX - Virtuous Sisterhood on the Abilene Christian University campus is working to empower women.

"Beautiful, Professional You" was the interactive seminar hosted on Saturday by the organization, empowering women from the inside out.

President of Virtuous Women Jamilah Spears said, "The organization has been running for about six years now.  We're trying to infuse the campus with culture and diversity."

Spears said tips on networking, professionalism, confidence and exuding yourself in a positive way are the tools given at the workshop.

Professional women spoke to them on various topics.

"We brought our HR representative and she's telling us all about how to prepare for an interview how to go and just really be confident," said Spears.

One participant said she gained valuable skills to improve her life.

Shavon Malakious said, "Take what you learned today and just be present in any environment."

The women were energetic about the experience, and excited to learn together. Spears looks forward to more opportunities to gather and grow the organization, with the help of the community.

Spears said what is needed to help the mission, "Give feedback on what they'd like to see for the future, what would really help us out as a group and help them out in their academic careers."

For more information on Virtuous Sisterhood, log onto http://acustudents.com/student-groups/virtuous-sisterhood/

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