Wylie enrollment figures show dramatic growth in recent years

ABILENE, Texas - The Wylie Independent School District has experienced long-term growth for years, but not like the dramatic growth the district is seeing right now.

Wylie sent out a survey link to many who have students in the district.  The survey talked about a need to build additional schools in the next few years. 

It pointed at two options: Having a school for every grade level for elementary students, or building a large elementary in a crowded neighborhood to relieve pressure from the other elementary schools.

Peering into enrollment data from Wylie shows a rise in student enrollment for years, but that rise has accelerated in recent years.

Wylie Enrollment (Taken on first day of school)

2005: 2,919

2006: 3,002

2007: 3,172

2008: 3,182

2009: 3,262

2010: 3,315

2011: 3,344

2012: 3,599

2013: 3,828

The early years show modest growth of typically two to three percent.  But in 2012 and 2013 that increase was eight and six percent respectively.  The enrollment figures show 909 more students were enrolled in 2013 compared to the first day of school in 2005. 

However, Superintendent Joey Light predicts a possible increase of 700 students over the next five years.

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