Wylie High School revises graduation criteria for students struggling to get a diploma

Wylie ISD revises minimum graduation requirements

ABILENE, TX - Students in the minimum credits program truck at Wylie High school will now need four fewer electives to get a high school diploma. 

Earlier this week, the Wylie ISD board voted to make the change.

Wylie has three plans to graduate: Distinguished, recommended and minimum credits .

Under the minimum plan, the state of Texas Education mandates 22 credits to graduate. Wylie's former plan required 28 and the revision requires 24.

High school principal Mitch Davis said the modifications do not affect foundation curriculum.

"We could feasibly be putting those kids in a burden to stay in elective classes as opposed to maybe working more on their core classes," Davis said.

Davis also said revisions were made ultimately to prevent students from dropping out.

Students can choose to be on the minimum plan, but they must meet the criteria: the student must be at least 16 years of age, has completed two credits for graduation in each subject of the foundation curriculum or has failed to be promoted to the 10th grade one or more times as determined by the district.

This plan is also designed for students who may not go straight to a four-year college.

"Some of those students are interested in the workforce immediately," Wylie High School counselor Brenda Sandifer said. "Some want to start with a junior college or a community college. Some are interested in the military."

 Davis said school officials want everyone to leave with their diploma.

"I think that's the most important thing because without it you can't go forward," Davis said. "Even if the student decides that later in they want to go to school they'll have that opportunity."

Only 17 Wylie seniors out of a total of 210 are on the minimum credits plan.

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