Xeriscaping: How choosing the right plants can save you money and water

Big Country residents turn to alternatives for gardens in Texas drought

ABILENE, Texas - Xeriscaping helps you save water and money by utilizing native, drought tolerant vegetation for your yard.

Picking and planting the wrong plants for your yard can be a waste of your time and money.

But that's where Xeriscaping comes in.

Kathy Feagan, a Big Country Master Gardener, has a Xeriscaped garden that's thriving and, surprisingly, it doesn't require much attention at all.

If you think a garden full of native West Texas plants means no color, think again.

Feagan's garden has everything from purple Salvia to huge red and White Hibiscus. Lantana and rose bushes also thrive there.

Even the City of Abilene is getting involved with dozens of Salvia shrubs planted in front of City Hall.

According to Feagan, water conservation isn't the only reason to Xeriscape.

"I stay pretty busy and I don't want a garden that I have to get out there and maintain and, personally, I just think these plants, through all my trial and error through the years, the more Xeriscaped it is, the better it does in the Texas heat."

If you're interested in starting your own Xeriscaped garden, you can contact the Big Country Master Gardeners for tips.

They can be reached at the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension office at (325) 672-6048.

Find more information about Xeriscaping at http://www.keepabilenebeautiful.org/Xeriscape/xeri-principles.html

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