'Young Frankenstein' opens Friday night for three performances

Young Frankensteing musical playing this weekend in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas - Singers, musicians and dancers from Abilene and surrounding areas will begin performing for a live audience at the Paramount Theatre in Abilene Friday night.

The classic movie "Young Frankenstein" was turned into a Broadway musical. The musical follows a young Dr. Frankenstein as he tries to create a monster.

"It's like Frankenstein like the monster Frankenstein, but Mel Brooks kind of turns it around and makes it hilarious instead of scary," said Samuel Cress who plays Igor in the musical. 

The Broadway script was written by Mel Brooks who also wrote the movie version.

"If you like this movie you're going to like this musical it's the same it's just bigger," said Betty Hukill, executive director of the Paramount Theatre.

"We over exaggerate just as Mel Brooks should. Everybody is quirky and spontaneity and just popping everywhere like fireworks," said Cress.

KTXS anchor George Levesque will be playing the monster in the play.

The show runs through Sunday. Tickets are available at the Paramount Theater at 352 Cypress St. or by calling them at 325-676-9620. You can also visit their website.

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