Abilene ISD working to strike up land deal with the city

By Jason Goodwin, News Director, jgoodwin@ktxs.com
POSTED: 8:36 PM May 07 2013   UPDATED: 8:20 AM May 08 2013
Abilene Independent School District
ABILENE, Texas -

Abilene's parks and recreation board made a motion to approve a land swap with Abilene ISD on Tuesday.

According to a city spokesperson,  Bowie Elementary on South 20th Street sits on three plots of land, two belong to the city and are part of a park area.

The school district wants to put a fence around the school. The fence would be on existing city property.

AISD is offering the city five acres of land it owns at Fannin Elementary as a trade, south of Ambler Avenue.

The board made a motion to approve the matter on Tuesday morning.

Next will come public notification, then the matter will go to the Abilene City Council for a vote.