'Baseball His Way' connects the game with giving back

'Baseball His Way' camp

ABILENE, Texas - It's called 'Baseball His Way', and not the way most of us may think. With a devotion to his faith, founder Thomas McAdams has found a way to use the game of baseball to teach life lessons to the youth of Abilene.

"It's a reward in itself just watching them and knowing that they actually understand everything that we try to teach them, not just about baseball, but about sharing god with the kids in the ways that they do it. That's what our goal is really, just to share Jesus through baseball," said McAdams.

Coach Mac's hitting camp brings together his travel team, the West Texas Missions and campers, for a day of learning both on fundamentals of the game, and on those in life through the use of faith.

"He taught us to play for our team and not just as us alone. And so...just teamwork and playing for Jesus," said Missions team member Austin Smith.

Besides learning, 'Baseball His Way' also plans on using the money from these camps, to purchance equipment for the facility, and help fund mission trips, an experience that McAdams hopes will involve many of his players.

"We have some travel teams and some camps like this and so fourth," said McAdams. "I've been on a couple of mission trips myself, but have some older kids that are helping with the camp that are going to go on some mission trips this summer as well so we'll try and help out with those so, god's blessing us, it's great."

Since 2004 baseball his way has been helping kids realize the true value of team play and sportsmanship…just two of the important lessons that Coach McAdams says are essential to playing baseball god's way. 

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