ABILENE, Texas -

Dale Morrison was struggling to survive at a Dallas hospital, battling two diseases that could have ended his life.

"In 2007, I came up with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and I battled that for seven years and in that time, when I was in remission, I was in Haiti for earthquake relief and got PMLJC virus in the brain," Morrison said.

After prayer, experimental drugs and a short time in remission, he conquered one disease, but his cancer returned.

Doctors told him he would need a donor and the man who fit the bill was Jeff Babbitt, from Seattle, Washington.

Babbitt signed up to be a bone marrow donor on a whim five years ago. He wasn't expecting to get the call.

"I got a phone call saying we think you may be a possible match," Babbitt said.

"He was a perfect match on my blood and he was a perfect match for my PMLJC, he had the antibodies for my PMLJC virus, so he was one shot in a trillion," Morrison said.

The two men hadn't met until June 26, a year and a half after Morrison received the successful transplant.

"When you're a kid for Christmas, the anticipation was unbelievable," Morrison said. "To be able to see a man that would you know give a week of his life and some pain to give me life and give me hope."

Morrison and Babbitt said they were blessed to literally be a part of one another.

"Dale Morrison on the inside is no longer existing, Jeff Babbitt from Seattle, Washington is existing in my body," Morrison said.

Babbitt said it's still hard for him to fathom the impact he's had on another man's life, "It's kinda hard to get your mind around to be honest. It's hard to kinda put into words."