ABILENE, Texas -

Runners of all ages geared up this morning to get down and dirty at SeeBee Park near Fort Phantom Lake.

This is the third annual "MudSlinger Fun Run" for the Big Country. The run also benefits programs and services for the "Abilene Youth Sports Authority."

"You're muddy for a good cause, so that's great and really who doesn't like a little mud on a Saturday morning," Harley Watson said. "It's great. This is Texas. You gotta get muddy."

"The first year that we did it, my brother, was barely trying to crawl through [the mud pit]," Jared Mayfield said. "This year I just pushed him in and it was awesome."

"You get to put mud all over your family," Jacob Mayfield. "Of course you get the hand prints on the back too."

2,000 people were expected to run on Saturday.