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Airman surprises two sons at Albany school after being deployed for months

Returning airman surprises his two young boys

ALBANY, Texas - It's a special moment for many families who are in the military.

Deployed Airman Rusty Meadows returned home after being stationed in Korea for more than eight months and surprised his two boys at Nancy Smith Elementary school in Albany.

His son, Aaron Meadows walked into his elementary school cafeteria for lunch on Friday and little did he know his father would be surprising him with a visit.

"I'm about to see my boys for the first time since then," Meadows said. "I'm ready to see them."

And it's hard not to tear up when you watch a father who hasn't seen his children in months be reunited with them.

The elementary school held a slideshow for the two boys Aaron and Jordan. They were elated to see pictures of their dad on the big screen, but then it was an extraordinary moment.

The projector screen lifted and Rusty Meadows was standing to give hugs to his two sons.

"Glad to be back with my wife and boys," Meadows said. "Glad I can be back in their lives because it's been awhile."

Meadows will soon be stationed in Louisiana and the family will be reunited once again.

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