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Alarming domestic disturbance call lands one man in jail

EARLY, Texas - Nathan Brian Castaneda, 23, faces multiple assault charges after being arrested Thursday morning.

Police arrived at apartments on the 1000 block of Early Blvd. to find a woman leaning out a second story window screaming "he's gonna kill me, hurry, help!"

After further investigation, police say Castaneda allegedly struck the woman multiple times and threw her into the wall. She also told police he threw her 8-month-old baby.

The woman mentioned to officers that Castanenda pulled a knife on her and also struck her with a guitar. Police say when she tried to call 911, Castaneda took the phone away and hit her again.

Castaneda had been living with the woman for one week after they met on facebook. He allegedly moved from Florida to stay with her.

Police learned Castaneda was wanted in Florida on robbery charges. He will first face assault, aggravated assault, endangerment of a child, and interfering with an emergency call charges before being taken back to Florida.

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