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Alcohol now on sale in Cisco; residents split on the issue

Alcohol now on sale in Cisco

CISCO, Texas - Although residents in Cisco can now purchase alcohol within their city limits, it's apparent they're still split on the issue.

City manager Jim Baker said it's too soon to know what kind of effect - if any - the sale of beer and wine will have on Cisco residents and its economy.

Residents of the town, however, are still divided on the issue for many different reasons.

For Catherine Pippen, the issue hits too close to home.

"I don't like it. I'm not for that," Pippen said. "My brother died from drinking too much and I'm not for it. No."

Other say selling alcohol won't help the economy because the permit to sell is too expensive. 

"I don't think the leases, or the licenses is going to help any because of how high they are," said Cisco resident Jake Marinelli.

Marinelli also said Cisco has changed and the younger generation has more of a say.

Aaron Wessels, 21, thinks the beer and wine permit is a great idea.

"You hear about a lot of wrecks on the back roads - people having to go to Putnam after they've been drinking because they didn't get enough," Wessels said. "So I'm for it. Totally."

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