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Alien quartet calls Buffalo Gap home

Want a green Martian for lawn art?

BUFFALO GAP, Texas - You may think a pink flamingo or a garden gnome will make your front lawn stand out, but a Buffalo Gap couple has taken lawn decorations to the next level with a quartet of hand-crafted alien statues.

"Everybody out here knows us and knows who has the aliens and they always talk with us...and carry on," Rick Fairchild said.

Rick and his wife Dee said it takes about three days to carve just one alien from a tree trunk. The aliens are painted bright green with black eyes.

"It takes awhile to make it and there's not any one--any two of them--that are going to be the same," Rick said.

Dee said they began making the aliens after she decided she wanted to paint their front gate green. They decided the aliens would match the gate's color best.

"No trespassing" signs have not stopped people from getting more than just a glimpse of the aliens.

"People stopped out here, said that their grandkids were coming in for the summer and they wanted to know whether it'd be OK for them to have a picture taken with them because everybody's interested in aliens for whatever reason," Rick said.

"[It's] something different around here, nobody's got it," Dee said.

The Fairchilds sold a few aliens to their neighbors but plan to make and sell more in August or September. The statues cost $85 each and will be sold from their driveway on FM 89.

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