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APD gives tips for safe driving in wet weather

Safe driving tips for wet roads

ABILENE, Texas - While people are enjoying a break from the drought, roads around the Big Country have been plagued with accidents.

Thursday, a driver going too fast on the slick pavement careened off the highway.  In Nolan County, a pickup truck slid off the road into a guardrail.

Officer George Spindler of the Abilene Police Department said it's important for drivers to be even more aware in rainy conditions.

"We're talking about the drivers ability to make a difference by driving safely and driving smart," said Spindler.

He said to make sure to allow extra room between the vehicle in front of you, because it takes longer to brake when the tires are wet. Visibility is also a major factor in this weather.

"Anytime, even if it's just drizzling or even during heavy rain, those wipers should be going," said Spindler. "They're there for a reason and they're gonna help you to observe the roadways."

Here is something many people don't know: Cruise control should never be used on wet roads. It can encourage the car to hydroplane.

There are also the common sense precautions.

"Always have the headlights on whenever it's raining so you're visible both to other drivers and to pedestrians," said Spindler.

Watch out for flooded roadways. Driving in water that is too deep can mean a stalled vehicle. Just six inches of standing water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars. A foot of water will float many passenger vehicles and Two feet of rushing water can sweep away most vehicles.

Officer Spindler wants to remind the community that driving is always risky; add wet weather and you face even more of a challenge.

"Everybody needs to just drive the conditions and realize they're responsible for safe driving," said Spindler. "We all play a role in safety, and it starts with the driver."

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