Big Country

Big Country farmers, ranchers blessed by recent rainfall

Haskell Co. producers hoping rain will be good to cotton crop

ABILENE, Texas - It's been a rough few years for farmers and ranchers in the Big Country, but the recent rainfall has turned things around.

Although the area is still in a drought, the steady rainfall has brought some relief to area farmers and ranchers, who said they've been waiting a long time for rainy weather. 

The rain has been good for cattle ranchers. 

"A lot of areas did a tremendous amount of good in replenishing our stock tanks and ponds and getting those filled back up so that our cattle ranchers weren't going to have to worry about hauling water or having to liquidate herd because of a lack of water," said Taylor County extension agent Robert Pritz.

Glenn Brzozowski, county executive director of the Farm Service Agency in Haskell said things have been looking up for farmers, too.

"We're blessed that we got some sub-moisture now," he said. "It didn't go all the way down to the dry dirt, but it's looking good. As long as we get a little more showers here and there, it'll be great."

While they still may be in a drought, people in Haskell say the amount of rainfall is nothing short of a miracle.

"It's a God send, God blessing," Brzozowski said. "We've been waiting a long time for ran like this. Everybody's spirits are uplifted and we're thankful for that."

According to the Taylor County Farm Service Agency, it's too soon to know yet if the recent rainfall will increase cotton production from last year.

In the last five days, Abilene has received 4.76 inches of rain.

Haskell has received 3.72 inches.

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