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Brown County officers use driving simulator to practice high speed chases, pit manuevers

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brown County Sheriff's Department had the chance to use a driving simulator to practice on high speed chases, pit maneuvers and driving in different weather conditions today. The Texas Association of counties brought out their driving simulator trailer to the Sheriff's Office parking lot.

The simulator creates real-world driving conditions in a high-tech environment. Obstacles the officers may encounter include cars not yielding and pedestrians.

"It's not just a flat picture you've got movement, the whole nine yards," said Sheriff Bobby Grubbs.

Each officer had the chance to test their skills and split-second decisions they make during a pursuit.

"It makes you be aware of your surroundings and to learn to use your peripheral vision and pay attention to what's going on besides what you're just involved in with the pursuit," said Patrol Sargent John Fincher after he finished his turn on the driving simulator.

Simulator Training Specialist Don Courtney said his goal is to reduce cost and accidents.

"I'll either see someone later on at a conference or seminar or when I'm back in the county again and they say hey you know that same incident that I have when driving, I almost had the same incident and it helped me out of an accident," said Courtney.

Because this is paid by the department's insurance there is no cost to the county.

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