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BROWNWOOD BULLETIN: False statements, details of volatile relationship included in Lowery affidavits

From the Brownwood Bulletin and

By Steve Nash

Law enforcement affidavits filed in Comanche County Justice of the Peace Johnny Conine's office describe a volatile and sometimes violent relationship between Michael Logan Lowery and his wife, Amber Lea Lowery, who, lawmen allege, has been killed by her husband.

Family members described Mike Lowery, 34, as a controlling individual who has received counseling for anger management, was "kicked out" of the Army for drug use and insubordination and was fired from several jobs because of his abuse of his wife while on the job, according to affidavits. At the time of Amber Lowery's disappearance, Mike Lowery worked two weeks on and two weeks off as an off-shore helicopter pilot.

Lowery made false statements to investigators about the circumstances of his wife's disappearance on July 23, affidavits allege. Amber Lowery, also 34, had previously worked as a helicopter for Air Evac Lifeteam in Brownwood.

Investigators were expected to begin searching the rural property near Rising Star, where the Lowery family lived, on Wednesday, according to the Facebook page Find Amber Lowery. That property is believed to contain Amber Lowery's body, affidavits state.

Lowery was arrested Tuesday night at the Brown County Sheriff's Office on a murder warrant and was transported to Comanche County Wednesday. Lowery's bond has been set at $1 million. It is not clear why Lowery was arrested in Brown County.

In addition to Mike and Amber Lowery, the family also consisted of their two sons, ages 5 and five months.

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