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Chelsea Humphrey: After a dry start to 2013, are we in for a wet spring?

ABILENE, Texas - Will the next few months bring more rain to the area or will the drought get worse?

It's bad news, according to the Climate Prediction Center. Over the course of the next few months, the already severe drought is expected to continue and intensify.

Typically, climatologists look to the Pacific Ocean to gauge long-term weather patterns. That's where El Nino and La Nina conditions originate. This spring, however, a neutral pattern has emerged.

In West Texas, the CPC is calling for above normal temperatures, something already seen so far this year. Over the last 60 days, 20 have had high temperatures more than ten degrees above normal.

While there is a fair amount of uncertainty with long range forecasts, one thing is certain. West Texans will continue to hope for rain and appreciate any they get.

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