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Coleman police investigating string of vandalism

Vandals in Coleman slash tires

COLEMAN, Texas - The Coleman Police Department is investigating a string of vandalism that took place on Friday.

Nearly 30 tires were slashed, and some Christmas decorations were destroyed.

The Coleman Police Department believes $6,000 worth of damage was done Friday night but that dollar number continues to climb as the department continues to receive phone calls reporting vandalism.

Williams Tire has had quite a bit of business since Saturday, but not the kind of business they like to see.

So far, they have replaced 28 tires that were all slashed and unsalvageable.

The Coleman P.D. said early Saturday morning they took 18 calls reporting slashed tires and other vandalism.

"It was just like one right after the other, just non-stop. I don't think in my entire career I've eve had this many at one time," said Officer Jason Ritter.

But tires weren't the only thing the vandals slashed.

Margie Mitchell runs a daycare, and one of her inflatable Christmas decorations was destroyed.

"I have several of them, but the only one he cut was the nativity scene, which was the palm tree, he just put a slice in it," said Mitchell.

Margie was able to sew the cut and save her nativity scene.

"Well, he didn't know I was a seamstress. I just can't even imagine why somebody would do so much damage. It was just sad, sad they did it, and it is Christmas time," said Mitchell.

Williams Tire in Coleman chipped in $500 for a reward to whoever provides police with information leading to an arrest, and that dollar amount keeps growing.

The reward is now up to $600, but members of the community can call Williams Tire to add to the amount.

Williams Tire phone number is 325-625-5152.

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