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Colorado City couple try to preserve history, restore old buildings

Colorado City couple revitalizes downtown

COLORADO CITY, Texas - One young couple in Colorado City is taking on Wild West architecture one brick at a time. Ty and Amie Wood have been buying and restoring historic buildings to preserve history in the small town.

 "So much of the stuff has already been lost we want to keep what's still here," said Ty.

They are working to turn one of the buildings into lofts and they said with all the interest in the area because of the oil boom they have already had people call interested in leasing it, but they aren't going to take any offers until they have finished renovations.

"The building was originally built in 1884 by J Wright  Mooar, the famous buffalo hunter....People have said that maybe this building might've had a brothel too at one point. I don't know if that's true not," Ty said.  

No matter what the building used to be, Ty and Amie Wood want it to remain a part of Colorado City's history.

"You see things differently whenever you know the history behind something," said Amie.  

"We stripped off five layers of tar and gravel and at the very base there were planks with hand forged nails... And sort of really neat details that you know came from 1884," said Ty.  

This isn't the Woods' first project. They already restored a building next door that was built in 1904. They try to keep the historic details intact as they make what was old, new again.

"This building will be here long after we're gone," said Ty.  

Along the way they have found evidence of stories from long ago and even made some history of their own.

"I actually asked Amie to marry me on that staircase," Ty said.

Ty said he would like to continue to buy and restore old buildings in downtown Colorado City, but he will have to convince Amie first. She told him she wants to finish this project before taking on any more. Ty said he expects this project to be done in about six months.

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