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Colorado ISD proposes bond to build new nearly $30 million facility

Colorado ISD pushes $30 million bond for new school

COLORADO CITY, Texas - Colorado ISD has put a bond proposal on the November ballot aimed at improving facilities for students. The bond will mainly go to combine the old school buildings into one large school. The school board said it's all about making school better for students.

"When you look at our facilities the newest one is the high school, which it was completed in 1976," Superintendent Reggy Spencer said.

That's why Spencer is proposing an almost $30 million bond to combine current buildings into one facility. Colorado ISD currently consists of Hutchinson and Kelley Elementary, Colorado Middle School, Wallace Accelerated High School and Colorado High School.

"Now we live in a world that's based on technology and these buildings, the infrastructure is not where it needs to be for educating these kids for tomorrow," Spencer said. 

The bond includes the cost of demolishing the old buildings if they aren't sold.
Sally Neff, board president, said safety has also been an issue.

"The doors aren't locked during the day. They're all open. So with the new facility there will be one entrance to the administration part of the building. You sign in and you have to be buzzed in to enter each hallway," Neff said. 

Spencer said parents don't need to worry about older students mixing with younger ones. The new building will have separate wings for pre-K through fourth grade
and fifth grade through eighth grade.

If the bond passes on Nov. 6, the new facility will be built next to the current high school on 13.2 acres of land the board bought two years ago. Construction would be completed around January 2015.

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