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Comanche High School introduces virtual reality into classroom

Comanche school gets virtual reality program

COMANCHE, Texas - Comanche High School is giving students a hands-on learning experience through technology.

Comanche Independent School District bought a machine about two years ago that projects three-dimensional images without the need of special glasses.

It runs what is called a zSpace real world virtual reality system.

It was introduced in the school's anatomy class just a month-and-a-half ago. The $10,000 machine allows teacher Jeffrey Roemisch to pick a lesson plan out of the 150 installed on the system. He uses a stylus pen to do that, which can move and dissect virtual objects.

For Blaine Spruill, a senior at Comanche High School, this will give him an advantage after he graduates and joins the U.S. Army as an infantryman.

"Say someone gets injured and gets shot in a major artery, if I can figure out where that artery is, I can put a tourniquet," Spruill said while using the zSpace machine.

Roemisch can make the objects he's working with 3D on a television monitor. He said this is a more effective way of teaching.

"There's nothing else that can do anything like it," Roemisch said. "So basically, we're getting a Ferrari at a Cadillac price."

The school district was able to buy the expensive machine by using a variety of revenue resources, including donations and S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grants, according to Special Projects Director Scott Carlisle.

"Each kid learns differently," Carlisle said. "Some are hands-on learners, some just read it, and they have it. This system combines all that."

Dani Panilo, an exchange student visiting from Australia, said this was her first time seeing such a device.

"This is really cool," Panilo said. "The fact I can go back and tell my teachers about all this, and I can say, ‘Hey look what America's got,' is really good to say."

The school district has plans to introduce another device inside the same classroom, according to Carlisle.

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