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Decades-old house in Cisco burns to the ground

Cisco house fire may be arson

CISCO, Texas - A two-story house in Cisco burned to the ground Thursday afternoon at the corner of East 10th Street and Avenue A. Four fire departments responded, but they were unable to save the home. Nobody was injured in the fire.

"I'm just shocked its hard to believe," said Karen Hail, the daughter of the homeowner.

In just two hours the entire structure had burned.

"It was a big, tall, two-story house with a new green metal roof on it, we put on recently. It was a beautiful place, lots of big trees, but there's nothing left," Hail said.

Firefighters said it's possible the fire was set intentionally. 

"I believe the police are working on that right now. There was a rumor that some kids were seen in the house, there was an explosion, but none of that's been confirmed yet," said Cisco Fire Chief Walter Fairbanks.

Whether or not it was a group of kids who started the blaze, other factors contributed to how quickly it spread.

"Because of the type of construction, all wood-frame houses, wind was blowing about 30 miles an hour, so the conditions were right for it to be a difficult fire," Fairbanks said.

The house had been abandoned for years, although the owner was fixing it up to rent it out.

"She didn't have insurance on it," said hail. "I'm just glad everybody was safe and nobody got hurt, but it's really a big loss to us."

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