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Early police: Man arrested for taking pics of children at mall

EARLY, Texas - Early police have arrested a 44-year-old man after he allegedly took photographs of young girls inside Heartland Mall in the 300 block of Early Boulevard.

Lawren "Larry" Mark Riveire was taken into custody and charged with improper photography or visual recordings after mall staff and the Early Police Department followed up on a tip. His bond was set at $10,000. He remained in Brown County Jail as of Monday evening, online records indicated.

"I would ... like to remind everyone that while living in smaller towns we sometimes think this will not happen here, but no one is immune from these crimes," Early Police Chief David Mercer said Monday in a news release. "We all have to be alert to our surroundings and who is near our children."

According to Mercer, mall staff on Friday began watching Riveire after being told a man was taking photographs with his cell phone. Mercer said officers contacted Riveire and received permission to search his phone.

"The cell phone contained numerous photos of young girls taken at that location that day," Early police said in the release.

In addition, the phone contained "many photos of other young boys and girls in various other locations around Brownwood and Early in businesses, residences and churches," the release said.

Furthermore, Early police have identified several children through their parents.

"Several of the photos are very disturbing indicating he may have been stalking the children," the release said. "At this time no evidence has been found where he has assaulted any child."

Police say Riveire admitted to having child pornography on the phone that "he downloaded from the Internet, but due to the amount of pictures and videos that has not been located yet."

According to the release, Mercer said a forensic examination will be conducted on the phone. If child pornography is found, then Riveire will be charged with possession of child pornography, Mercer said.

"I would like to praise the mall staff that initially reported the incident for taking quick and aggressive action on stopping this and looking out for their customers," Mercer said.



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