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EASTLAND KIDNAPPING: Candlelight vigil held for 12-year-old victim in Eastland

EASTLAND KIDNAPPING: Candlelight vigil held for victim in Eastland

EASTLAND, Texas - To show support for the family of a 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped, stabbed and sexually assaulted Sunday, community members in Eastland held a candlelight vigil at First Baptist Church Monday.

"It's heartbreaking it's devastating, but all we can do as a community and as individuals is pray because that's all that there is right now," said Danetra Dunn, who is friends with someone in the family.

About 50 people came together at the church to sit by candlelight and pray. People from Eastland said they wanted to show the family they are not alone during this tough time.

"I'm sorry for what they're going through and I pray that god gives them comfort and strength and healing," said Dunn

"We're all praying for them and giving them whatever support that we can," she added.

People in the town said they were stunned by the news.

"It's shocking because you hear it happening everywhere else, but it's at home, it's at our back door and that's the hard thing about it is that it could be any of us and Sunday I think that set in, that it's not only in the big cities, it happens here too," Dunn said.

They hoped their prayers and a birthday song would reach the little girl who is recovering 100 miles away.

"I would tell her to keep her head up and stay strong and know that many people are behind her and god has his angels wrapped around her and there is a purpose for her and to never give up on anything no matter what," said Dunn.

To donate to the family there is an account set up at first financial in Cisco under Maci Wyatt or Angela McIlroy

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