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Ex-Cisco College soccer player claims she left school's team because of bullying

Former student-athlete at Cisco College alleges bullying from teammates

ABILENE, Texas - A former Cisco College soccer player claims she was bullied so badly that she left the school's team and left the Cisco College campus in Cisco.

Hunter Peel, 17, a Cooper High School graduate, made public the allegations during an interview Wednesday with KTXS.

Earlier this semester, Peel said she approached Cisco College coach Freddy Drago about joining the Cisco team. That's when she claims the bullying began.

"Well they had started in the locker room tweeting, passing around the phone laughing," Peel said.

According to Peel, at least eight girls from the soccer team were on Twitter, tweeting vulgar language about her.

One girl tweeted: "B***h doesn't have nothing fracture she's lying 'Oh I need MRI' nah she needs a 'go get in a diet S**t.'"

There were 20 other tweets that included profanity.

"I had to leave and could not finish out soccer, so now I'm in a season where I can't play," Peel said.

She said she went to Drago for help after reading multiple tweets.

"No, all he did was call five girls out of eight girls and just said something to them and that was it, and they kept doing it," Peel said.

Drago said he believed he took the appropriate disciplinary action.

"Yes ma'am, I think so," Drago said, noting he told the five players tweeting profanity that they would be removed from the soccer team if the tweeting didn't stop.

Peel said their bullying tweets never ended.

"I can probably see myself putting something to the effect of 'Hey, you know, from now on, from next year on, you're just not allowed to tweet,'" Drago said.

Asked if she provoked the abuse, Peel said, "I had no reason to deserve this."

She said she wants others to know the harm bullying causes.

"Be strong about it, I mean don't let everything get to you, I mean, I had days thinking about doing things, but I stayed strong and tried not to let it get to me," Peel said.

Hunter is currently enrolled at the Cisco College campus in Abilene, but she would like to play semi-pro soccer over the summer and return to play in college somewhere else.

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