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EXCLUSIVE: KTXS talks with man who found Scurry County human remains

Located was 'a skull, a femur and I believe a loose tooth,' man says

The man who discovered Scurry remains talk to KTXS

ABILENE. Texas - Through a Freedom of Information request with the Scurry County Sheriff's Office, KTXS was able to track down the man who discovered human remains almost a month ago near Lake JB Thomas.

The man's name is Curtis Lloyd.

He told us he is the one who called the sheriff's office after he found the remains.

"I was just walking the lake bed or along the edge of the lake bed and noticed something that looked a little unusual as I walked over to it I recognized it to be human remains, specifically a skull... all of the upper skull was intact. There was, of course, no lower jaw," said Lloyd.

Lloyd said he was in the remote area hunting for fossils. When he stumbled upon the bones, he called the sheriff's office.

"I was just concerned. I wanted to get a hold of authorities as quick as possible get them out there and that way they could gather up what's there," Lloyd said.

Authorities have said they were unable to determine age or gender by what they saw at the crime scene. Lloyd said he couldn't tell much either.

"What they reported finding is all I saw, which was a skull, a femur and I believe a loose tooth," Lloyd said.

Lloyd said, according to his untrained eye, the remains looked like they had been there less than five years.

Asked if he believed the remains could be those of missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn, Lloyd said he'd rather not guess.

"Obviously, I'm hoping we can solve some kind of case. My understanding is there are two or three individuals who are missing from fairly close, but I wouldn't want to speculate. Families emotions are involved so last thing I want to do is assume it's anyone," Lloyd said.

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