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Firearms company, Colt Competition to open plant in Breckenridge

Breckenridge excited about gun manufacturing plant

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas - Oregon-based Bold Ideas, which makes AR-15 style rifles for the well-known Colt Firearms company under the brand Colt Competition, will be opening a plant in Breckenridge soon.  

The plant reportedly will take over a vacant industrial building previously owned by Karston Homes on the north side of town.

"Obviously it's the buzz of the town right now. We're all very excited. Small West Texas towns, we look for any opportunity to bring in an industry that will change the face of your town and we really feel like what we're fixing to get here's going to do that," said Virgil Moore with the Breckenridge Economic Development Corporation.

Colt Competition job applications can be picked up at the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce and interviews could start as soon as Monday.

"We also think it's going to support industry jobs, in other words other industries in town that might make things to support the gun manufacturer," said Moore. 

The move comes as several states are considering stricter gun regulations, not including the Lone Star State. That's why last week Gov. Rick Perry sent out messages encouraging gun companies to move to Texas.

Jimmy Mitchell builds custom firearms and bullets at Mitchell Custom Guns in Breckenridge. He said business is booming – and it's a great time for any gun company to move to his neck of the woods.

"Breckenridge is a firearms friendly environment if you want to call it that. I cannot think of anybody that would not welcome them," Mitchell said.

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