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First Baptist Church of Rotan picking up the pieces after big storm hit Wednesday

ROTAN, TEXAS - The storm that tore through multiple counties on Wednesday night hit The First Baptist Church of Rotan, and hard.

The roof at the church was heavily damaged while dozens of children were attending Vacation Bible School in the building.

Thanks to quick action and calm composure from Vacation Bible School leaders and the new pastor, the 40 children were kept safe in the midst of chaos.

"Someone said everyone to the basement and we went to the basement all the lights were out and we were trying to keep the children calm," Cindy Fryer, church member, said. "We went outside after it was over; the roof was gone. A third of the building was wrapped around our song leader's little car."

Rosenbald has been a pastor at First Baptist for only a few days, but he said he could feel the camaraderie already.

"It's just a great group of people," Rosenbald said. "I think last night was just further demonstration of how they are ready to rise up to a challenge."

The main sanctuary was not affected by the storm damage and the kids and the staff said they were thankful for that.

"Well thank God," Fryer said. "God kept us safe and we're glad no one was hurt."

First Baptist Church of Rotan will still have morning worship service on Sunday, but Sunday school will be cancelled.

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