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Fisher County law enforcement not concerned by passage of liquor initiative

Fisher Co. alcohol sales begin soon

ROBY, Texas - Fisher County residents will likely see alcohol on the shelves of local convenience stores in the coming months.

About 56 percent of voters passed a liquor initiative Tuesday to make the county a wet one.

"I signed the petition the first day it came out," Roby resident Christopher Pippin said. "I'm just ready for it to get here."

He's not alone -- 537 votes supported the decision.

The West-T-Go convenience store in Roby has already made the decision to put beer on their shelves within the next year.

Cashier Eloisa Espinoza said the owner has already started measuring to install a walk-in cooler.

"It's better business," she said. "At least Roby won't die down. It will bring in more people and more money to the community. Hopefully open up more businesses."

Some residents said it will be safer to have alcohol available locally.

"People drive all the way to Sweetwater and other places and accidents happen," said Rotan resident Jesse Rocha.

Fisher County Sheriff J.A. Robinson said he doesn't think they will see too much of a change from a law enforcement standpoint.

"If people want to drink they're gonna drink if they gotta drive a block or 100 miles, it doesn't make any difference," Robinson said. "I don't think the crime rate's gonna pick up. I don't think we're gonna have a whole lot of issues to be honest."

Roby City Manager Jack Brown said he doesn't think alcohol sales will bump up the town's sales tax revenue by much.

We caught up with lifelong Rotan resident Jim Nowlin in Abilene Thursday. He voted against the initiative.

"The voters have spoken, we just have to wait and see how it all washes out a few years from now," said Nowlin. "I hope it's not disruptive. I hope we can keep our small town atmosphere and everyone can get along."

Roby and Rotan are both working to pass ordinances that would keep the sale of alcohol away from schools and churches.

Fisher County Judge Marshal Bennett said it will likely be two or three months until it's actually sold in the county.

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